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“It's an honor to support music in the community, particularly given your involvement with the Children's Choir. My niece absolutely loves her time with Escondido Choral Arts. Thank you for all that your foundation does to further this important activity.”

At a recent concert with orchestra, The Center Chorale, and the Pacific Coast Chorale sing the amazing Forrest Jubilate Deo, one singer claimed "That was the most beautiful music I have ever heard".

Kind Regards, Margaret Novak

Vaughan Williams' Hodie Concert was everything I had envisioned and the performance was packed with emotion and very high energy.    Thanks go to all for your focus and excellent work.  I know that the tunes will be haunting your memory in the days to come.  I enjoy recollection of many, many special moments of great music from our performance.

Congratulations, Joe Stanford, Conductor

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